Alpha 3.2 - Yer Money Er Yer Life

In this release I added pirates, because space is a dangerous place and all those little trade ships flying around are just begging to be plundered! At the start of the game, one pirate base is spawned in a random neutral system. Over the course of the game, pirates steal ship designs from the closest faction to their base. Then they build ships using their stolen ship designs at half the speed of a normal ship factory, then eventually decide to attack a random faction. Pirates of course attack civilian ships, any civilian ship, in fact. They don't care if it's a space bus full of innocent civilians or a space truck, they'll blow up both of them just for the hell of it. They don't even benefit yet from blowing up civilians, right now they are just destroy, destroy, destroy. I might add some sort of benefit they get from blowing up trade ships later. Space Pirate bases also send out ships to construct more pirate bases, which means they can produce more combat ships, and also produce more ships that construct more pirate bases. 1 pirate base, 2 pirate bases, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128... Yeah, the pirates can grow exponentially out of control. In one of my test runs I had the piratemageddon, where they built so many ships that the other factions were overwhelmed by their ferocity. I kinda fixed this exponential growth problem by increasing the "spawn a ship to construct another pirate base" timer every time a base spawned a new base ship. So they can still grow and become a big threat if left unchecked but aren't wimpy either.

In this release I also added moons to make star systems more interesting. Now I also had to reduce the amount of planets per star otherwise there would be just way too much stuff in each star system and dealing with too much stuff gets kinda annoying. Moons work exactly the same as planets but they're smaller and orbit a planet instead of the sun. In the game's code, moons are just a Planet object but I changed their orbit to be around a planet. Oh no, my code has the wrong nomenclature for moons! Time to delete everything and rewrite the game in Rust, that'll fix that problem.

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Version alpha-3.2 Dec 27, 2021

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